HOW TO: Use VoIP and Avoid Carrier Fees

Lets start with very basic thing which is VoIP meaning voice over ip. In simple terms this is to transfer your voice over the internet with help of any software or program. There are many voice over ip providers. Indeed many companies do offers and encourage you to talk or transfer your voice over ip. This even reduces your operator or the carrier fee to. The biggest thing about these voip is that its software is mostly owned by large IT giants and offer FREE service.

The system even over user not only send there voice over ip with a provider but also can send and read text messages. Literally you can chat and talk simultaneously. Voice over ip has become very popular these days to hang out with friends and families. Now why should you choose to voice over ip over your mobile operator. Its all about money, honey! When it comes to voice over ip services its free, but when its about the carrier you need to pay for the same. No pain, No gain!


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Top 3 Best VoIP Software

The best thing about these software is that they even allow you to share videos and or share your desktop screen too. Voice over ip services has become immensely popular, as number of subscribers on internet is also increasing. The more the users online the more we chat, and we are in need of a fluent software that helps us to transfer data comfortably.


The best on best voice over ip service. Skype had been on internet for a long time. Now, previously it was independent until microsoft took it. Its the only voip microsoft has. Now, Skype is in affiliation with facebook, allowing users to perform video chat. This has flooded the number of users to use this service extensively.

Google Voice

Another best competitor in this voice over ip services category, its the turn of giants. Google had come up with google voice long time back, under its labs section. Google voice is pretty decent and neat. Just apt for newbie users. Its display is just like normal mobile phone. Its Kid’s stuff.

Yahoo Voice

Yahoo has been very popular since its launch, people were offering crazy ideas for yahoo to succeed. One such idea is its voice over ip service as yahoo voice. Its was very popular in olden days, when yahoo was nice and popular. Seriously tell me how many really search from yahoo? Minimal is the answer.

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