How to get the most out of your Tablet & Smartphone?

Mobile devices have made our lives simpler in so many ways, from managing our finances to keeping in touch with friends and family on the move. In the interest of making the world a more productive place there is now an app for almost everything whether it’s making a grocery list or recording music on-the-go. Productivity software was originally hard to find in the early days of tablets and smartphones and was limited mostly to office suites. But no longer! At the core of all these tools is the solution to a problem and, as app developers become increasingly creative, the future is going to see us able to get even more from our mobile devices.

Remote Access

Whether you’re an individual or a business, getting hold of files and applications when you’re on the move has been a crucial aspect of productivity management. In the past, bringing up a virtual desktop on your tablet was a difficult process but advances in remote access have made it easier than ever. While there are apps like TeamViewer and LogMeIn, which are in-browser clients based on the VNC protocol, the most convenient form of Remote Desktop Web Access is now from a HTML5-based RDP client. It is also an in-browser based client that requires no installation. It is as simple as opening up an HTML5-compatible browser like Chrome or Safari, and is cross-platform so the same version works across different operating systems and different devices.


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Mobiles and tablets aren’t just useful for accessing those crucial files – Basecamp, Google Drive and cloud services provide groups with the ability to collaborate on multiple projects by uploading files and editing them online. This is especially practical for people in the publishing industries, for example when numerous contributors need to work on a magazine. With Skype for mobile and Google’s newly-introduced Hangout it’s also never been easier for groups to chat face-to face over the internet and connect with people in various parts of the world without the need for dedicated equipment.

To-do lists

Using tablets and smartphones to keep track of our appointments, to-do lists and generally organize our lives, has become something most of us can’t live without. Whether it’s just Notes or Reminders on your iPad or more advanced apps like Evernote or Google Keep, they are great for keeping track of ideas while you’re on the go. The more functional apps give the options of saving web links, audio recordings and photos to help organize relevant content in one space. For instance, the home user could note down a recipe, take a picture of their finished dish, make audio notes and add a link to an online demo; and have it all together for easy access in the future.

Managing Finances

When it comes to managing our finances we need all the help we can get. If you have a lot of bank accounts then there are apps like Mint which help you keep track of all your money movements; for businesses there is Expensify which streamlines the whole process of expense- keeping by using smartphone/tablet cameras to document receipts; and then there are a myriad budgeting tools and even stock trading apps to help you not only save but make money.


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