Ten Steps to Become Famous on Facebook

Facebook, being the market leader in the social media industry, has become a very influential platform for individuals and businesses alike. Individuals use the social media website for connectivity purposes whereas, businesses fish out more potential clients by interacting with them one on one.

Take for instance, an online shopping website which has only selective methods of marketing to depend on for increased amounts of sales. Facebook is the perfect platform to interact and attract more customers to the website.


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A business owner who is looking to use Facebook as a primary source of online marketing needs to consider the following point if he or she wishes to become famous on Facebook and in return increase visitors to the business website:

  1. Make one-true profile: The problem with business owners today is that they do not have the patience in them to grow. They tend to make ample profiles which are fake and create more than one pages which in actuality places a negative impact on the visitor. One True profile is the way to go.
  2. Brand the business page: The business page needs to be properly branded so that the page looks legitimate to all the visitors.
  3. Add a branded profile picture: Brands can add their logos or even their customized profile pictures which represent their business in the best way possible.
  4. Keep the posts coming regularly: Regular posts with an active profile attract more visitors than not-so active profiles. If you are serious in the Facebook business then you should make it a point to use it properly as well. Managing the SM business page enables visitors to land on the business website more frequently than those pages which do not have regular updates on them. .
  5. Interact with visitors: Business pages are meant to give potential customers access to the business. That is what social media is all about. Talk to the visitors and answer all their queries. They will refer other people to your page as well.
  6. Make your page fun: in order to keep bringing back the visitors, business page owners should maintain their pages regularly and make sure they are fun to visit. Why would someone come to your page for no good reason? They would only do that if there was something in store for them.
  7. Add pictures and visuals of your products: Keep reminding people that what the business page is about. Many social media users are on a look out for a particular product and they tend to use Facebook meanwhile as well. Go ahead and catch them while you still can.
  8. Add videos: Videos are always interesting. Funny videos, corporate videos, product reviews, anything. All forms of videos are acceptable and these will keep you going on this platform.
  9. Create polls and competitions: Users want to get something out of a business if they tend to be interested in a business. The perfect way to establish interest is by adding polls which enables business page owners to fetch client opinions and competitions which keep the users engaged.
  10. Ask for referrals: This is not something shameful on a social media platform. Once you find a customer that is satisfied with your product, ask him or her to friend in their friends or family or anyone else they know who might be interested.

There are no limitations in terms of popularity when it comes to Facebook. A person or a business can become instantly famous on the website or can even take ages to make more connections. As for businesses, it is more important that they become active and popular on Facebook since their profits and revenues sometimes depend on this platform.


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