5 Reasons to Consider Remote Computer Monitoring

When it comes to keeping tabs on what it is that people are doing on their computer, there are two ways you can go about doing it. The first one is standing over their shoulder, watching their every move. The second is to opt for a remote computer monitoring software program. The first option will get you skewed results and it may cause some stress. The second option is one that gathers the info, but without the stressful hovering.

Remote computer monitoring is an option that both parents and employers are turning to in an effort to be able to see what the home or office computers are being used for. Here are 5 reasons that many people are considering remote computer monitoring today:


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1. Chats. If you have a child or employee who likes to chat online remote computer monitoring will allow you to see the nature of the chats. A log of all chatting is kept, so that you can log in and view it at any time. This will help ensure that they are not engaged in sexting.
2. Keystrokes. Any keystrokes that are made on the computer, whether when chatting or writing a term paper are recorded. In other words, anything that the person types is logged, so that it can be monitored by the registered user.
3. Applications. Remote computer monitoring keeps track of all applications that are downloaded and accessed. If there are applications that your child or employee should not be using you will know if they have done so.
4. Real time. Along with having all the information logs stored, keeping track of everything the person has done on the computer, you can also see what they are doing in real time. At any time you can log on and see in real time what it is that they are doing on the computer. You can view, as well as kill, any processes that are currently being run.
5. Shutdown. Remote computer monitoring allows you to reboot or even shut down the computer from wherever you may be. As soon as you see the computer is being used inappropriately you have the ability to shut it down from where you are. 

Once the remote computer monitoring software is downloaded onto the computer it runs quietly in the background, so the person never knows it is there. Yet the registered user can log into their Internet monitoring account from any computer and gain all the access about what is being done on the computer.

Remote computer monitoring allows a parent or employer to tap into a computer and see exactly what it is being used for. Parents take comfort in knowing that they can help keep their kids safer from predators and bullies, and keep them out of other trouble, such as engaging in sexting. Meanwhile, employers find that using remote computer monitoring is a good way to help ensure that their staff are on task, working toward company goals, and not spending hours per day doing personal tasks while they are on the clock.


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